Design education is a dynamic process. It has to constantly adapt itself to match the rapid changes that are taking place in society, industry and in technology, failing which the education becomes redundant and irrelevant. Design is essentially a synthesizing discipline. It does not have its repository or knowledge bank, like for example in law, medicine etc. Design draws its knowledge base from almost all other disciplines because of its generalist and multidisciplinary approach. Hence, design education is highly experiential in nature, which in turn necessitates an evaluation system which is not inclusive of written or oral examination only.


The first year also called the Pre-Design / Foundation Year is compulsory for all students of design. The student is free to opt for his / her discipline in the third semester itself. If in a dilemma over choice of discipline the concerned Head of Department can be contacted for counseling. In any case wherein the student feels that he/she needs to change the discipline in the fourth semester it is required that permission for change be taken from the concerned Head of Department as well as approval from the Head of Department of the discipline opted for. In such a case a form for change of discipline along with his / her application with the necessary approvals and an undertaking from the parent be submitted to the Academic Section.

General Foundation

Year 1 of the 4 year program is common across the three design faculties/specializations. The aim of thefoundation program is to expose the learners to design as a profession, thinking process and production activity. The 1st year also focuses on developing a broad view of the design world as the learners mix with learners of other design faculties. In this durationthey will also understand and practice some of the basic skills which are common across the different specializations.

All our programs are imparted through a closely mentored project based learning method. Assignments are laid out to map student journey in an easy comprehensible manner and our assessment is progressive in nature; retaining a strong emphasis on careful mentoring of student learning at every level. Typically, student life on a Design campus begins with a well-planned and thoughtfully designed Foundation Program.

Broadly the 1st year will be divided as followed:
  • Context Building Courses
  • Personal Development such as communication
  • Domain Knowledge and Skills
  • Applications