About PCDS

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The Presidency Centre for Design Studies (PCDS) aims to provide higher education in Design that combines capabilities of critical and analytical thinking, research and practice-based Design learning. In a world that is rapidly becoming technology driven, being user and resource friendly is equally important. As is the importance of an understanding of how Design is shaping our socio-cultural environment and how the environment is changing Design. And this is where Presidency Centre for Design Studies varies from other Design schools.

PCDS offers unique design programs with a combination of various kinds of skill based learning with an environment necessary for choice-based learning via critical inquiry and Design research. Not only does it provide it’s students the technology innovations needs for our times, it seeks to provide a critical understanding of Design for the future. For we believe in the relevance and importance of a contextual understanding of design within the framework of social and environmental responsibility and a sense of critical Design should be ingrained in each of our students.We seek to produce not only practicing Designers but Design Thinkers, Design Researchers and Design Educators.